Monday, September 24, 2012

Transition to The Soggy Footwell... Goodbye!

After almost three years of writing on about collector & classic cars, I  have decided to give that up in favor of this blog, The Soggy Footwell, which I started earlier this year on a lark.  I wanted to have a different outlet for some of the things I wanted to write about that didn't fit the format at Examiner. As they have become more and more stringent on their requirements, it has become less and less fun to write for them.  When I started at Examiner it was because I was out of work at the time, I was looking for something to keep my mind sharp, and a few extra dollars above and beyond my unemployment checks sounded good at the time.

Although I never made more than beer money, it did provide me with an outlet as well as a way to keep my already feeble mind from deteriorating any further.  Now that I have been gainfully employed once again for about two years, I am leaving mind deterioration up to my employer!

So I hope you will find this content just as fulfilling as the previous content from Examiner.  I still plan on writing about car stuff in the greater Atlanta metro area, but this will give me the opportunity to do different things as well.  Posts may not be as frequent as in the past, but I hope the quality will be just as consistent.

For my friends in the Peachtree MG Registry and the Georgia Triumph Association there is a charity tour on October 27th to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in combination with the annual Three Square Meals Drive.  We will be leaving from the Starbucks at Hwy 9 and Mansell in Roswell at about 9:15am or so, but come early for coffee and snacks if you want.  Lunch is at Wolf Mountain Winery and Dinner is at 61 Main Restaurant in Jasper. Get back with me if you want to attend as I need to give both restaurants a head count the week before.   All donations will go directly to JDRF and no contribution is too small to help a good cause.

Thanks and see you soon!