Thursday, January 19, 2017

American malaise is the result of Facebook... damn you Mark Zuckerberg!

So... when I open my Facebook (FB) page it asks, "What's on your mind?" I've only had a FB page for a week and I have determined that it is the most colossal waste of time ever conceived by man. I finally had to delete the phone app because it was too intrusive and I'm giving serious consideration to deleting my page altogether. This after only one week.

But before I go here's "What's on my mind".

Some of you need to either get a life and quit living off other people's; including what they did today, believe politically and had for lunch, and stop cheating your employer by taking his/her productivity way from them by being on FB ALL DAY LONG! There are time stamps on the things you post! Get back to work!

I was amazed by one post that appeared on my page because one of my "Friends" was friends with this other person. That person complained about the things he posted getting back to his Mother and threatened people about doing it. Well, dumbass, if you don't want other people to know about things you do don't post them on Social Media! Better yet, stop doing things that would embarrass you in front of your Mother. I don't know what amazed me more, that this person was upset by this or that others supported him!

We have become a nation of weenies! And dumbass weenies at that!

I can see the value of FB for some things, mainly because it has become more of a commercial/business application than anything else. Many companies only presence is on FB, especially small businesses, because it is free, easy and can reach a broad audience that might be interested in your product or service. That's the main reason I got on there in the first place.

Now I wish I had just established the page and never "friended" anyone, it' just too much bullsh*t. So if you find that I have "unfriended" you over the next couple of days please don't be offended.

I think I'll stick to anonymous blogging instead.

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